Friday, May 30, 2014

NYC, June 1: “The Global Minimum Wage Struggle,” at Left Forum

The Global Minimum Wage Struggle

Global capital’s “race to the bottom” in imposing ever-lower—even sub-survival—wages is generating resistance around the world. With a focus on the garment industry in Bangladesh and Haiti, the speakers will discuss the importance of working class internationalism. This includes not only building solidarity, but also coordination of struggles.

Panel at Left Forum
Noon - 1:50 p.m.
Sunday, June 1
Room 1.109

• David L. Wilson, Weekly News Update on the Americas
• Kiki Makandal, Batay Ouvriye Solidarity Network, One Struggle NY
• Stephanie McMillan, political cartonist, Proletarian Alternative, One Struggle FL

Recommended reading:
Stephanie McMillan: “A Garment Worker in Bangladesh Speaks Out”
Kiki Makandal: “Ten Years of UN Military Occupation of Haiti: Background and Current Effects”
David L. Wilson: “Thinking Big: The Global Minimum Wage”

Thursday, May 8, 2014

US Labor Activist Deported From Indonesia

By Educating for Justice 
May 7, 2014

Friends and Supporters:

On Tuesday, May 6th, I was deported from Indonesia and I have been banned from traveling there for at least six months.

I was picked up by immigration officers after being tailed by intel at the May Day celebrations in Jakarta.

I was brought in for hours of questioning, my passport was confiscated and I had to report back to the immigration office for additional questioning the next day. When the investigation was complete, I was told that I was being deported and that I could not travel to Indonesia for six months with the possibility that the ban could be extended indefinitely. I do not think it is any coincidence I was picked up a day after I stood in solidarity with hundreds of workers at a demonstration at Nike’s Indonesian headquarters in Jakarta.

The powers that be may think that by taking this action they are going to silence my voice and activism on this issue. To the contrary, I am as committed now as I have ever been to telling the world about Nike’s labor abuses in Indonesia. The truth does not need a passport or a visa to be heard.

To read a detailed commentary about this event, please click the following link:

May Day Mayday Again by Terry Collins

In the coming days I will be posting my research, photos, and letters to Nike about the current situation at their Indonesian factories. You can check all this out at:

Team Sweat @ Facebook

Thank you for your continued support.


Jim Keady, Director
Educating for Justice

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